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Human Resources for Health and Health Policy and Integrated Planning

The Human Resource for Health and Health Policy and Integrated Planning Division focuses on providing support and technical assistance to MoHFW, and the states and Union Territories in strengthening HRH practices and advocates for the implementation of the Health Systems Approach. The division works on the framework developed for staffing decisions based on the NHM goals and objectives for HRH planning and strategic decision-making.

The division has a mandate to suggest evidence-based interventions for the present workforce, identify future needs, possible gaps and surpluses; capacity building of the workforce; attraction and retention of health workers in rural and underserved areas; rationalisation and deployment of the human resource for health across the country. The division also looks after the guidelines for planning including the annual Program Implementation Plans (PIP) of NHM, leads the processing of Emergency COVID Response Package and the Result Based Financing /Conditionalities under NHM.