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Innovations and Best Practices

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India holds National Summit on Good, Replicable Practices and Innovations in Public Healthcare Systems in India since 2013 to recognize, showcase and document various best practices and innovations adopted by States and UTs for addressing their public health challenges and to improving their health outcomes though better implementation of programmes under National Health Mission.

Through these summits, the MoHFW endeavours to foster cross learning amongst the State Governments, NGOs, Healthcare organizations and other academic institutions so that these work in concordance to achieve the overarching Public health goals.

Summit has participation from all States and Union Territories with Principal Secretaries (Public Health), Secretaries Health, Mission Directors (National Health Mission) and Director (Health & FW) from States along with programme officers, officials from Government of India along-with heads of programme divisions, MoHFW, Development Partners, Civil Society representatives and other healthcare organizations as key participants.

The National Healthcare Innovation Portal (NHiNP), was launched in 2015 where States/UTs can upload their good practices and innovations which is reviewed and scientifically assessed prior to shortlisting it for presentation at the national summit. It represents the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s unstinting effort towards identifying and nurturing good practices and innovations.